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February 17th, 2017

The Walnut and Iron Helmet rack comes from a small setup on the outskirts or Bend, Oregon. Justin Crofoot the man behind this creation has a simple, yet potent belief – “Simplicity is key primarily when you want your helmet to get all the attention.” That’s quite evident from the minimal yet high-finish on the Walnut and Iron Helmet rack that is so aesthetically pleasing, yet doesn’t sacrifice on durability.

Helmet Rack

To keep the helmet rack of the highest quality, Justin has used walnut wood and high-quality iron that has been hand forged. The rack offers quick pick-up-and-go ergonomics for one’s helmet and is sturdy enough according to Justin to easily sustain the weight of any type of helmet. In addition, it comes with a polished wood block to mount and secure the helmet on the rack. More details on the Westbound website.

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