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November 25th, 2015

Walt Siegl in action

Walt Siegl, reckoned as the world’s best custom Ducati builder has burst the bubble of his long lost, nostalgic, secret love for MV Agusta. A desire which he had decades before when even he’d just heard of the Ducatis. The end result? This chef-d’oeuvre!Walt Siegl's MV Agusta right profile still

With its discrete endurance racer vibe and a machine based around the already marvelous MV triple, the Brutale 800, is called Walt Siegl’s ‘Bol d’Or’. The focus of which is not only on speed and handling but on aesthetics as well. Because Siegl stuck to the factory chassis for the ‘Bol d’Or’, unlike his usual starting platform which is a Ducati engine, a frame for each bike, which is meticulously built from scratch; this idea gave birth to a new challenge. To build a whole new body to wrap the engine.Walt Siegl's MV Agusta diagonal left headlight close up still Walt Siegl's MV Agusta left profile still Walt Siegl's MV Agusta rider view still

However, the design of the new bodywork was artistically carved out of foam board, automotive clay to create the principal shapes around the existing frame apart from the cast aluminum engine plates and swing arm. A set of magnesium wheels, new aluminum subframe to position the new body parts and ram air system, the lightweight SC Project exhaust system and fairing stay were incorporated making the Bol d’Or weigh just 8.5 lb including the front fender, the upper fairing, two lowers, and the tail section. The ECU is also flashed with a fully tunable performance program to improve torque, horsepower and to optimize this 3 – cylinder engine.

For more custom machines designed by Walt check out his website.

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