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February 7th, 2017

Hillclimb racing the best short burst of motorsport action that one can have. A short-n’sweet open world road-race… what else could you ask for, specially when the car being driven is a race-prepped Porsche 911 GT3-R. Well not technically prepped in this case.

The Gurnigel Hillclimb, locally called the Bregrennen Gurnigel, is one of Switzerland’s oldest hillclimb races that finds its origins almost 117-years ago. It has been the last 50-years since the Gurnigel hillclimb has been taking place repetitively on the 3.7km (2.3miles road course that connects Dürrbach to Gurniglebad.

This video comes from the 2016 edition of the hillclimb, onboard a Porsche 977 GT3-R driven by Swiss driver Jürg Aeberhard, who is also the a part of the ADAC GT Masters 2013 and Porsche Supersports Cup Germany 2014. The car is quite the wiggler throughout the mountain course as it makes its way to the 1130 meter finish line, which isn’t surprising as the car was on worn out and old racing slicks. Also, the incorrect suspension settings mentioned would suggest that the car came out of one event right into this one.

All said and done, the 2010 997 GT3-R sets an absolutely majestic lap going up Gurnigel, something I highly recommend you watch right now.


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