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on July 19th, 2017

What would you do when you a terribly hungry for a burger but also are desperate to drive a rally car? Well, at least Don’t try this, or would you?

This morning when I left for work sooner than usual, I was certain there was this giant question mark on the wifey’s face (I went for an early morning fast drive in a friend’s car if you are wondering and no, the wifey probably won’t read this, I hope). That required some excuses and only thing I cook up was to say something like my editor being a pain and wanting me to do an urgent thing this early in the morning (sorry Ed). The thing is, it also meant that I had to let go of any chance of savouring a great breakfast cooked by her (coming to think of it, it might also be a lunch and a dinner now). Now the reason behind all this gibberish is the video below and my imploding stomach. What is it you might ask, well its someone making a burger for someone as they both raise tyre smoke in a rallycross car. If really wish I had friends like that.

This epic fun (and hunger inducing) video is brought to you by the fine lads behind the upcoming SpeedMachine festival. The stars of the video are none other than the legendary World Rally Commentator, Andrew Coley along with the superstar DJ, Chef and Burger Master, DJ BBQ. The premise is simple, both are apparently hungry but then there is a rallycross car to enjoy in front of them as well. So both decide to make the burger inside the car only while having some fun with it, how hard can it be?

Well….you might want to watch the video while I need to make an urgent call ….(Phone Rings, Someone picks on other Side: Hello KFC….)

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