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August 26th, 2017

As F1 is scheduled to return from its month long summer break, we can’t wait to get in on some much needed F1 action at the Belgian Grand Prix, arguably the most awaited race of the season. Spa Francorchamps has rightfully earned the title of being the most unusual of tracks in the F1 calendar, consisting of long straights followed by fast technical sections… Not to forget Eau Rouge, the most mind-boggling corner in racing. This track has therefore been the distinguisher of men from the boys. So it isn’t much of a surprise to know that all the great drivers across generations have had the utmost respect for the Belgian circuit. So with such a complex track for both the car and the driver, it has not disappointed in playing host to fiercest of battles. Though there are a number of legendary battles at Spa, we take a look at few of the rather underrated ones.

The Flying Finn

What can arguably top the charts of top 10 Formula 1 moves, was a breathtaking battle among two F1 legends Mika Hakkinen and Michael Schumacher. The 2000 Belgian Grand Prix started out as a wet race behind the safety car under the dark heavy clouds but before long the sun was out. Hakkinen leading from pole had a spin which put Schumacher into the lead. With a quickly drying track, Mika Hakkinen found incredible pace with his McLaren. The battle that ensued one of the most epic between the flying Finn and the German driver.

The Honey Badger with a stellar win

The 2014 season of the Hybrid era saw the Mercedes cars dominating the track on both Saturday and Sunday, something that continued on for the 2014 Belgian Grand Prix. Nico Rosberg had stolen pole from Lewis by 0.2 seconds on Saturday, but after a bad start, he lost his lead to his teammate. A slight overcommitment from Nico and Hamilton saw both of them run wide. As Nico tried to pull his car back on the track but he ended up clipping Lewis’ rear tyre with his front wing. As a result, both the drivers were forced to the pits for repairs. The young Australian Daniel Ricciardo, who started from 5th on the grid saw an advantage and climbed up positions with some brilliant moves, eventually taking the race lead and winning the 2014 Belgian Grand Prix.

Prost Vs Mansell

An incredible battle between the Frenchman and the British racing driver that saw the later start sixth on the grid. Mansell was quick the make up the positions and soon found himself chasing Alain Prost who was second in the race. While Aryton Senna picked up the victory, Mansell and Prost put up an amazing show, out of which the Frenchman’s excellent defensive driving lent him ahead of Mansell.

“The Teenager knows no fear”

As the youngest driver to compete in F1, Max Verstappen wasted no time while showing his brilliance in his very first F1 season by put in some brilliant moves behind the wheel of his Toro Rosso. The young teenager earned praise for his bravery in one of Formula 1’s all time best-overtaking moves. The Dutchman overtook Felipe Nasr around the outside in a flat out, near 200mph corner of Blanchimont in the 2015 Belgian Grand Prix and stunned the whole F1 world with his skill and commitment.


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