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on April 24th, 2015

Since the rebirth of the company from Triumph Engineering to Triumph Motorcycles in 1984, the British motorcycle manufacturer has firmed it’s roots, establishing itself as one of the most profiting European motorcycle firm. The slogan ‘For the ride’ symbolising the pure riding spirit of the brand, and their new commercials dubbed “Voices” emphasises on this ideology.

The “Voices” campaign conveys one of the basic facts of motorcycling that the further one rides, the least his mind is involved with the day-to-day complexities. The more distances that one covers on their motorcycle, the lesser are they deemed to be bothered by the voices and noises of everyday living. The commercial connects to both motorcyclists as well as non-motorcylists alike in delivering the message of motorcycling.

In the video, one can see the rider (aboard Triumph’s Bonneville) starting off from the streets of Los Angeles, California as he rides along the roads eventually landing up at the Bonneville salt flats, which also symbolises the importance of location due to which the Bonneville motorcycle got it’s name in the first place.

Hit the link below the watch the Triumph “Voices” Commercial:

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