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March 4th, 2017

Off course, when you talking Bugatti, everything has to be a bit extra special. Their company’s hypercar, the astounding Bugatti Chiron is yet another feat of precision engineering with its 1500bhp, W16 engine that is capable of pushing the beyond 261mph (thats four hundred and freaking twenty kmph!). So when you imagine the setting for such a performance machine being made, it has to be special.

The Bugatti Molsheim factory where the Chiron is made is sterile on a different scale. The floors and walls are the purest grade of white while every tool and equipment is methodically organised. The technicians are in well dress, with a typical French suave about them.

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But what’s more astounding at the Bugatti factory is the absolute attention to detail in how a Chiron is made. All of the 20 or so people who work at the factory to build the Bugatti Chiron are used to the articulating slats in the floors that transport different parts of the car towards assembly. For everyone else (including us), these transforming structures are something of a marvel to watch. The three slats spread apart and fall back in place as the front and rear subassemblies of the Bugatti Chiron come together with the central monocoque to join up to create a single solid unit.

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