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July 29th, 2016

This has been a pretty interesting week in the world of cars where Ford discovered that the Focus RS has a drift spot err… mode, BMW said you needed an M4 GT4 race car, Corvette went electric but forgot not to be fast, Alfa Romeo 4C might not live forever, Bristol tries to create the Cobra and call it Bullet and Ferrari builds something new.

Ford Focus RS’s accidental drift mode

Let’s face it, no matter how gimmicky it sounds, but if a car has a “Drift mode” it will sound cheekily exciting to a buyer.  On the Focus RS this might have been its key selling points but news is coming in that Ford actually invented this mode by chance. Ford Performance vehicle and engineering manager Tyrone Johnson spilled the beans that they figured out the D-spot (Drift Mode / Ken Block Mode) by accident during the testing of the GKN-supplied all-wheel-drive system. It would have been fun finding a way to let this sublime handler drift around, all in the name of testing and no wonder Raj Nair, Ford’s global technical and development chief was thrilled by its marketing opportunities.

Ford Focus RS

BMW believes an M4 GT4 race car is needed. We agree!

Race car for the roads… yes please! The M4 GT4 race car is based largely on the road car, where the entire drivetrain comes from a standard M4 and so does it’s carbon fibre hood. This should add reliability, as well as the ability to acquire replacement parts quickly, easily, and cheaply. However, feeling proud of its younger sibling’s aspirations, the M6 GT3 racing car has lent the M4 GT4 its seats, brakes, and pedal box. Expect the car to arrive as soon as the 24 Hours of Dubai race in January 2018.

BMW M4 GT4 Rendering

Corvette goes electric in a very Corvette way

It can be easy to change a habit, but tendencies a much harder to change, case in point, an all-electric Chevrolet Corvette by American firm Genovation has set a new land speed record for a road-legal all-electric vehicle clocking in 205.6mph. Oh yes, Genovation calls the car Genovation Extreme Electric car (or GXE). Apparently, you can take the engine out of a Corvette but you cannot take the Corvette out of a Corvette.

Alfa Romeo 4C might not see much of the next decade

The stunning and absolutely uncompromising Alfa Romeo 4C hasn’t really set the sales chart on fire, mostly due to the fact that rich people don’t like compromises (and maybe because of a thing called as the Porsche Cayman). As per the rumour mill, the molto basso (very low in Italian) numbers have pushed Alfa Romeo into thinking that it should rather concentrate in newer number friendly car models. It all originated in a recent report by Autoline, which claims Alfa is planning to axe the 4C Coupe and 4C Spider from its lineup by 2020. In case, you feel your heart crushed by this news, then you know who to blame.

Alfa Romeo 4C

Bristol Bullet – when the British want a muscle car

The news came some two years ago that the British boutique carmaker wanted to make a new car. Back then, they said that their new creation would harness its power from a new hybrid powertrain. The new car is here, but there is no hybrid powertrain. Instead, what we get is a good old-fashioned 4.8-litre BMW -derived V8 that produces a healthy 370bhp of power. When put together with a weight of 3000 pounds (1,360 kg) the recepie is capable of pushing to 60 from standstill is just under 4 -seconds. That’s quite decent for a car that looks like a mash up of modern-day roadster and classic old-school, long bonnet muscle car. What isn’t so decent though is its price, £250,000 ($330,000).

Ferrari to take the modular road.

The exotic Italian supercar maker is finally going Lego. In a recent report published by Automotive News, Ferrari’s next generation flagship platform is expected to be a modular one. To be designed in partnership with Altair Product Design, Ferrari’s long term collaborator in design, the new platform is expected to be 15% lighter while giving considerably lower NVH levels. Expect to see the next generation Ferrari California to launch this platform globally.

2017 Ferrari California

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