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December 16th, 2015

The Best Gear For December Week 3

In this edition of weekly Wednesday update we’ve got a really (literally) cool line-up of gear for you; perhaps, this update might add-on to your new year’s celebration list as we write it in this season of joy. Starting with the Liquor log booze, Moleskin’s notebook with a jacquard fabric, an Octovo Dopp Kit, GoPro Hero4 Session camera prices slashed, The Vifa Helsinki boombo and a Holy Stone Lamborghini Veneno Diecast model.

The Liquor Log Booze

Invented by a father-son duo of Ohio WoodWorking shop, this is update consists definitely gives a run to the chugmeister in you. Now imagine a barbeque at the backyard or in the wilds in between the woods, when you have to have to a liquor dispenser to impress your clan of friends and families. We’ve got just the right update on the same as we bring you this made-to-order liquor dispenser which is not only made from Ohio Hardwood tree but looks like a made-for-you dispenser which has emerged from woods. And because of the above fact that it is made out of hardwood, you will never ever find a similar dispenser like yours on this face of the earth. The dispenser measures enough to hold any kind of liquor bottle with dimensions 8’’ tall and two types in radius that is 2’’ and 3’’ accordingly. Before you pour the liquor out using either the wood or metal handles through a brass spout, the liquor will pass from a waterborn clear finish food and beverage safe PVC conduit.

The Liquor log booze

H/T: Dudeiwantthat


Moleskine Blend Collection Notebooks

Moleskine’s blend collection with Jacquard Fabric Covers: There’s something about a hard cover classic notebooks. Everyone who loves to write, stack-up beautiful hard cover notebooks and them for special or meaningful purposes might agree with me. That said, we’re glad to update you with a hard cover notebook inspired by touch, The Moleskine’s blend collection with Jacquard Fabric Covers. Oh! Did we mention that there’s a palpable woven fabric which perhaps might make you to be around the same all the time? Well, there’s more; the notebook comes with a bookmark ribbon and elastic band in complimentary colours from notebook cover. Every paper is a Moleskine ivory paper with expandable inner pockets. Available in two types (layout) pocket and large, the dimensions for both are 9cm x 14cm and 13cm x 21cm accordingly the notebook lies flat and opens 180 degrees as if it inviting you with open arms.

Moleskin’s blend collection with Jacquard Fabric Covers


Octovo Dopp Kit

Designed for the globetrotters, the Octovo Dopp Kit can come quite convenient to store all the essentials with the best convenient feature to hang it in either in a valise or anywhere in a hotel or room; thanks to its metal hook. While the kit measures 9.25’’ x 7.25’’ x 2’’ and 21.25’’ when unwrapped fully, the kit is further divided in 4 compartments inside the tanned leather case which is definitely something which will help you organise your stuff in a cleaner way as it need not be held by one hand and use the stuff in it by other, nothing like using a both your hands to get ready at crucial times.

Octovo Dopp kit propped


GoPro Hero4 Session camera

We are quite sure most of you must’ve gone ‘Shoot!’ after hearing this which is already good news for everyone who’s planning to buy an action, moreover for the ones who’re trying to convince or seeking permission from the loved ones or their Mrs respectively. Yes! Now there’s no need to re-think about buying their basic Hero+ model as GoPro Hero4 Session’s prices have dropped to level the Hero+ camera; giving you an option to own the GoPro Hero4 Session, obviously along with all its magnificent features. And now the Hero4 Session has just dropped the price and is available for a new $199 price tag, making it more affordable.

Go Pro Session HD Action Camera


The Vifa Helsinki boombox

As they say, this Bluetooth loudspeaker delivering incredible sound is ‘Petite’and ‘Powerful’. Kids and teenagers skating around the town, music lovers grooving to the thump is what comes in mind after hearing the word ‘boombox’, doesn’t it? While this comes with a rechargeable Lithium battery and measures 156 mm x 210 mm x 70 mm, this is some built-to-last loudspeaker which weighs only 1.4 kg proving to be a marvelous piece of craftsmanship. With a focus to share music with your kinfolks, for a long long period making it a part of your memories this can be connected via Bluetooth (4.0 aptX), AUX 3.5 mm mini jack as well. Willow green, Misty Blue, Dusty Rose, and Sandstone Grey are the options in color. Its digital pure path amplifier accompanies the Forced Balanced Woofers with DSP crossover optimized for low distortion and high precision. Company says that the box includes short leather strap, power supply, AUX 3.5 mm mini jack cable, quick guide and travel bag.

Vifa Helsinki Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Holy Stone Lamborghini Veneno Diecast model

The name ‘Holy Stone Lamborghini Veneno Diecast model’ has it all. Anything doesn’t get holier than this to all those who like: Lamborghini, remote controlled cars, Lamborghini remote controlled cars, drifting, drift practitioners, scaled down models (which can not only be played around with but are also worth storing under a spotlight) etc. For here’s a 1:14, scaled down model of the Holy Stone Lamborghini Veneno measuring only 32 cm L x 8 cm H x 14.5 cm W which is a RC model and is 14 times better and convenient than the real Holy Stone Lamborghini Veneno. We say that because it does not only Wow you out with its killer, razor sharp looks but will vow to meet and exceed your expectations. Famously known as the Lamborghini Veneno, this highly detailed diecast model has a pair of automatic doors (operated by a remote) which can be used to imagine you taking the steering wheel before you engage its reverse or forward gear to burn the floor. The car is powered with with a 9v (5 x 1.2) rechargeable battery for transmitter and 5 x 1.2 rechargeable batteries. The LEDs as well do not fail to amuse and give you a chance to boast redefine its style statement. It may vary from place to place but the box includes (obviously) the model, a transmitter and two batteries to make sure that you get the most of it and get time to make time.

Holy Stone Lamborghini RC left profile doors open

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