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The plan was simple. Landing in LA, I had to be in Vail, Colorado to attend the GoPro games for 5 days, so I had some time to get there, and then some more days before I would head back to LA. I really wanted to visit Denver and also San Francisco so I made myself a loop that looked doable and interesting enough for two Indians to head out on. My 15-day journey would take me through four states that together accounted for a vast variety of changing landscapes.

Vir Nakai Great American Road Trip

Eagle Rider was a great help not only did they set everything up for me before I even left India but when the black bike started showing a fault in Denver. I gave a call to the local shop and they had a flat bed sent to me. They loaded the bike on it took me to the shop handed me a new motorcycle and had me ready to leave in less than an hour. Totally professional and well organised. It’s in a time like this you know how good an outfit really is. I didn’t loose any time at all.

Vir Nakai Great American Road Trip 2

The shop was filled with a variety of motorcycles to choose from, all in pristine condition.

Vir Nakai Great American Road Trip 3

Signs like this boost your confidence to go further.

Vir Nakai Great American Road Trip 4

Route 66 is the oldest highway in United States. Also known as the “Mother Road”, Route 66 was built 91 years ago.

Western America Motorcycle Tour with Eaglerider-8

The stark difference in the landscape from state to state is insane from the deserts of Nevada to the canyons and valleys of Utah to the Rockies in Colorado it is mind boggling as to how insanely pretty this part of the US is.

Vir Nakai GoPro United States Road Trip

On the highways, two wheel companions aren’t far away.

Western America Motorcycle Tour with Eaglerider-1-2

Vir Nakai United States Road Trip

One night in Vegas riding up and down the strip before getting my self a good dinner and a cold brew to celebrate the first day of riding in the US. Vegas seems more like a fun town to come without a motorcycle.

I may have bitten off a bit more than I could chew. The distances were large and my time there was short so I tried to cover as much ground as I could. The Indian was the perfect companion large comfy and planted on the road. I had a blast riding through feeling like a cowboy exploring this part of the world for the first time. The choice of bike for this ride was spot on.

Western America Motorcycle Tour with Eaglerider-3

The variety of terrain as you cross territories is absolutely astounding.

Western America Motorcycle Tour with Eaglerider-5

Western America Motorcycle Tour with Eaglerider-20

While riding the highways you can’t rally pull over and stop and stare but every now and then you will see a board that says view point or rest area. You will pull out onto them and be greeted by views like this. Amazing.

Western America Motorcycle Tour with Eaglerider-16

The change in landscape signifies a very special place approaching on the horizon.

Western America Motorcycle Tour with Eaglerider-14

The pilgrimage of speed.

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