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December 16th, 2014

Every year, the American Motorcyclist Association – AMA, recognises an individual or individuals who have had the most profound effect on the motorcycling community in the previous 12 months.

Bryan Carroll and James Walker’s documentary film ‘Why We Ride’ has already got the acclaim as one of the most immersive feature-length film this year. The film is the winner of the 2014 Family Choice Awards, the 2104 AMA Hazel Kolb Brighter Image Award, 2014 Portland Motorcycle Film Fest and the 2013 Motorcycle Film Fest award. And now the AMA Board of Directors have decided to bestow the director/producer duo Bryan and James with the 2014 Motorcyclist of The Year award.

2013 Why We Ride Doccumentary Film Scene

Bryan and James’s film is an immersive documentary about the human nature to “dream, discover and explore” from the perspective of a motorcycle enthusiast. The film takes viewers into the deep emotions of motorcycling, the relation that riders share with their machines and how it all becomes one unforgettable experience.

The film came out at a very important time for motorcycling. Since the economic downturn, motorcycle sales have slumped to new lows that haven’t been experienced in decades. In such times, the film came in as a much-need moral booster and viral promotion to riders and the motorcycling industry as a whole.

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