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September 29th, 2016

“Wrench Against the Machine” is Esquire’s Custom Motorcycle Show

Building custom motorcycles has become larger than life in the recent years. It seems like almost everyone is looking to pick up a standard motorcycle, old or new, and transform it to become something entirely to their individual taste. How the final product exudes a lot more character is something always fascinating and captivating to see. The custom builder’s thus, have the capabilities to project their own or the owners persona on their creations. They are the masters who lend their creations, a much more emotive and soulful existence. Saying that, watching builders at their work when the clock is ticking is always going to be a special experience. The Esquire Network knows this and is bringing an all new motorcycle build show this November. The show is called – Wrench Against the Machine and we already like the name.


The idea is simple for Wrench Against the Machine, Motorcycle builders are pitted against each other for a build competition. You can consider this as the motorcycle world’s cousin of the Junkyard Wars. For the show, each participating team is given a base motorcycle and $3000. Then the teams are let loose to make the best bike they can. Though at present it is not clear how in-depth the rules of the show will be. We do hope though the build bikes will be made to go through aesthetic as well as performance tests.

Wrench Against the Machine will have three judges and what big names from the industry they are. Roland Sands from RSD will join Woolie from Deus Ex Machina Venice and Alan Stulberg, founder of Handbuilt Motorcycle Show. As far as the trailer goes, which you can watch below, things are looking pretty interesting. The nature of the show is relatively simple with a tight time frame for each episode. However, we do feel that this show would be perfect for traveling and showcasing some of the best builders across US as well as rest of the world too.

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Wrench Against the Machine premiers on November 15th, 2016 on the Esquire Network. Watch the teaser below.

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