March 13th, 2015

There isn’t anything quite as outlandish as the Yamaha ‘√’ or simply the ‘Root’, even if you put all the custom motorcycles of the world together. The motorcycle has been put together by a special team of designers from Yamaha Corporation’s other division that is responsible for making pianos and other musical instruments, who have apparently mistaken their project for a motorised bar counter top.

The Yamaha Root is based on the MT-07 which has been modified right down to the chassis and a smaller fuel tank, so that it can be covered by what appear to be a surfboard finished in leather. The motorcycle is devoid of any instrumentation at the front, which according to Yamaha is so that the rider can ignore those petty details and immerse themselves in the passing scenery. On a motorcycle, we don’t know how good of an idea that would be.

In Yamaha’s words: ‘By taking the meters on the instrument panel off the motorcycle rider’s view, the idea of the design is to enable him or her to be a part of the passing scenery.

‘The form was created to flow from the seat to the fuel tank and was inspired by a horse motif that aims to give a sense of unity among people, nature, and the vehicle.’

Whether the √ or Root is appealing or now, we would let you to decide.

Hit the link below to watch the Yamaha Root in action:

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