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on May 18th, 2015

Yamaha has officially revealed it’s smallest-displacement scooter in the “MAX” range, the NMAX 125. The scooter is mainly developed for the European market but might migrate over the the united states sometime by the end of year.

The 125 NMAX scooter boasts a modern design combined with aggressive looks that make it look much bigger than a 125 cc machine. The engine, although being a 125 cc, single-cylinder has quite a bit of poke, delivering 12 bhp at 7,500 rpm and 11.2 Nm of torque at 7,250 rpm transferred to the wheel via an automatic belt drive transmission.

2015 Yamaha NMAX 125 Scooter Front Right Three Quarters

Along with some good power figures, the NMAX 125 is light too, tipping the scales at 127 kg (wet) which would result in great fuel efficiency. According to Yamaha, the NMAX 125 can do 129 mpg under normal conditions, making it an excellent commuter. To make sure that the motorcycle performs smoothly under any given road condition, Yamaha has used a rubber mounting on the engine that absorbs most of the vibrations, while a dual rear shock assembly will add to a supple ride quality.

2015 Yamaha NMAX 125 Scooter Right Side Profile White

After it’s launch, the Yamaha NMAX 125 would be competing in an already crowded scooter market consisting of the offerings from Kymco with scooters like the Downtown, G-Dink and the Forza 125 from Honda, alongside quite a few of Yamaha’s own offerings (Cygnus, BW’s, Vity, Xenter, D’elight). Prices will be announced shortly and the scooter would hit dealerships by June 2015 and would be available in Red, Silver, White and Black colour options.

Hit the link below to watch the full-length promotional video:

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