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April 30th, 2016

The Yamaha XR700 is a beautiful piece of a motorcycle design in itself, but then, it also does inspire creativity in the minds of those who want a bit more individuality form their motorcycles, thus making the Yamaha XSR700 a rather obvious choice of going towards the custom route.  Adding to it, Yamaha itself has a Yard Built Family that it has carefully chosen and has collaborated with to create beautiful one off creations. This time around, Yamaha decided to enjoy the spring time at Istanbul, Turkey and joined hands with Bunker Custom Motorcycles to create this Yamaha XSR700 Tracker Style Custom.

2016 Yamaha XSR700 Bunker Custom

Bunker Custom Motorcycles is handled by brothers, Can and Mert Uzer and they are not exactly the regular sort of custom bike builders you usually meet. Among the two, Can is a known top level Skateboarder and is a part of the Vans Turkey Skateboarding Team while Mert only recently gave up his career in Digital Marketing to go full time custom motorcycle building. It was the distinctive work of Bunker Custom Motorcycles on a 1982 Yamaha SR500 that brought them in the eyes of Yamaha Motor Europe, that build screamed aloud the raw and handmade aura while still being built to ride. This further resulted in the collaboration between the Uzer brothers and Yamaha Motor Europe which saw the builders working on an Yamaha XSR700 for a few months and coming out with this great looking Yamaha XSR700 Tracker Style Custom, which looks rugged enough to tackle anything from a beach to a mountain.

2016 Yamaha XSR700 Bunker Custom Rear View

About the Yamaha XSR700 Tracker Style Custom, Cristian Barelli, Yamaha Motor Europe’s Marketing Co-ordinator had said, “I’m really impressed with the work Can and Mert have put into this build. What is really important for me is that they have kept the XSR700’s agility and power characteristics that really define the bike. Around this they have added their very distinctive style, showing a whole new face to the XSR700.” And from the builder’s perspective, Uzer Brothers said, “We went for the tracker style as we really wanted to capture the spirit of freedom as much as possible. The twin motor is the perfect base with its engine characteristics and the bike inspires you to create something light, agile and free.”

2016 Yamaha XSR700 Bunker Custom Fuel Tank

Clearly knowing what they wanted from the bike, Bunker Custom Motorcycles raised the seat position by 60mm of the XSR700 to make more room at the front of the Tracker inspired styling to enable the rider move around more freely. Similarly, the ground clearance was increased for more off road compatibility by relocation of the exhaust and incorporating a bigger 19’’ rim for the front and a 17’’ rim at the rear, the upgraded rims are spoked wheels wearing GT201 rubber. Furthermore, raised Renthal bars were added to the bike design to suit a more upright stance while the sand blasted and polished CNC aluminium spine that carries the fuel tank on the Yamaha XSR Tracker Style Custom is a gorgeous touch too. The beauty of the seat height increase being in the fact, that, it is a bolt-on-addition which can be added to the stock Yamaha XSR700 frame. Along with the above, suede leather covers the seat that still keeps the stock locking mechanism, aiding the bolt on feature further.

2016 Yamaha XSR700 Bunker Custom Front

2016 Yamaha XSR700 Bunker Custom Rear Mudguard

The Yamaha XSR Tracker Style Custom by Bunker Custom also adds the standard USD front suspension from the MT-09, which looks good and is also more practical for rough road riding. For the lighting purpose, a 5.5″ aftermarket, halogen headlamp was installed in a custom mount that gels well with the custom front mudguard mount while both being made out of a 8mm steel tube. The resulting work for increasing the ground clearance saw the bike gain a clearance of 60mm, and now stands at 200mm. The relocated exhaust assembly is also hand made with stainless steel and wears an Akrapovič catalytic convertor where the muffler and the 2 into 1 pipes join.

2016 Yamaha XSR700 Bunker Custom Front USD Forks

2016 Yamaha XSR700 Bunker Custom Exhaust

This is not all, to make the Yamaha XSR tracker Style Custom, Bunker Customs used a number of genuine Yamaha accessories like the billet clutch and brake levers, foot-pegs, plus a side-stand riser and the bike is finished with a beautifully simple and understated graphic style inspired by the 80s.

2016 Yamaha XSR700 Bunker Custom Tank Scoops

You can watch the video below to feast your eyes on this Yamaha XSR700 Tracker Style Custom by Bunker Custom Motorcycles. For more goodies from Bunker Customs you can visit their website here. And don’t forget to let us know what you think of this custom build in the comments section.

Watch the video of the Yamaha XSR700 Tracker Style Custom:

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