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July 17th, 2017

What is ground-breaking design if it sometimes doesn’t go totally over and above and form something that is purely an aesthetic treat, completely parting ways with function. This is somewhat the case with the Yamaha XSR900 “Æon” created by Diamond Atelier for Dutch watchmaker TW Steel. This is the first time that Munich-based Diamond Atelier has worked on a Yamaha motorcycle, who are usually accustomed of working on Germany motorcycles, specially of the boxer twin kind.

We have covered their previous BMW boxer twin builds like the beautiful BMW R 100 and the Mark II Series Cafe Racer. While the BMWs are gorgeous, very little do they move away from the standard classic custom cafe racer moult. But the Yamaha XSR900 custom build is completely out of the park when it comes to radical design. One look at the custom build and it is easy to judge that no body part from the original Yamaha XSR900 has remained on the Æon. We can only imagine the level of minimisation that would have been required to hide the standard motorcycle’s wiring after almost completely emptying out the tank area to expose the three air filters that now sit at the top of the engine block.

Yamaha XSR900 by Diamond Atelier 4 Yamaha XSR900 by Diamond Atelier 3 Yamaha XSR900 by Diamond Atelier 2 Yamaha XSR900 by Diamond Atelier Yamaha XSR900 by Diamond Atelier 11

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