The latest Yardbuilt Project by Yamaha arrives in the form of this stunning and stealthy beauty called the Monkeebeast and has been created by the well known Danish custom motorcycle builder, Wrenchmonkees. The duo behind this latest Yamaha Yardbuilt project has also been the minds and hands behind the other builds from Yamaha’s sport heritage range, of the likes of XSR400, XJR1300 along with this stunning Yamaha XSR900 Monkeebeast. Essentially designed to convey brutal brawler appeal this Yamaha XSR900 Monkeebeast is an urban warrior built to tackle any terrain, and arrived in the Wrenchmonkees trademark black shade.

Yardbuilt Yamaha XSR900 Monkeebeast Side View

It is of particular interest that Wrenchmonkees has created this Yamaha XSR900 Monkeebeast built with a number of smart modifications that made it possible to create such a captivating design without any cutting or welding to the frame, this should inspire a number of XSR900 owners to transform their bike into something completely different. This Yamaha XSR900 Monkeebeast  build transforms the stock XSR900 from its street friendly design into an all out  all-terrain beast, for this Wrenchmonkees used Borrani 17″ spoke wheels with black rims, 9mm stainless spokes and black hubs to take care of the increased ground clearance requirement. Further on in the Yamaha XSR900 Monkeebeast build, the tyres are none other than the brilliant Continental TKC tyres while the bikes rear end suspension gets upgraded to a K-Tech Shock. Among other additions to the Yamaha XSR900 Monkeebeast build are Gilles Tooling chain adjusters and a TRW rear brake disc and steel braided brake lines.

Yardbuilt Yamaha XSR900 Monkeebeast Top View

This stunning Wrenchmonkees Yard Built project, the Yamaha XSR900 Monkeebeast  gets a customized one-off seat by the builders while the rear footpegs have been upgraded to enduro ones. Adding to it all a Magura handlebar and Biltwell Renegade grips along with a Nissin radial front brakemaster and steel braided brake lines are also present on this Yamaha XSR900 Monkeebeast build. Furthermore, there are also listings like the Motogadget pushbuttons that clean up the contact point and an MT-03 style headlight and LED tail light that shines out on this Yamaha XSR900 Monkeebeast build.

Yardbuilt Yamaha XSR900 Monkeebeast Outdoors

Another beautiful addition to this build is of course the growling SC Project exhaust mated to a system present on the MT-09 while the Wrenchmonkees one-off aluminium rear fender, front fender and engine guard complete the custom look. Wrenchmonkees have also powder coated  the fenders, engine guard and tank covers of this Yamaha XSR900 Monkeebeast  build that ends up with this stunning presence as you can clearly see in the pictures here. For those among you who are interested in getting their XSR900’s a bit of a makeover then it should come as great news that Wrenchmonkees is going to make available selected parts designed for the Monkeebeast soon.

Yardbuilt Yamaha XSR900 Monkeebeast Brakes

Yardbuilt Yamaha XSR900 Monkeebeast Fender

Yardbuilt Yamaha XSR900 Monkeebeast Rear Three Quarter

Yardbuilt Yamaha XSR900 Monkeebeast Rear

Yardbuilt Yamaha XSR900 Monkeebeast SC Exhaust

Yardbuilt Yamaha XSR900 Monkeebeast Seat

Yardbuilt Yamaha XSR900 Monkeebeast Tank

Yamaha XSR900 Monkeebeast

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