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on October 31st, 2015

At this year’s Tokyo Motor Show, Yamaha Motors had their display stuffed with future technology. There were electric cars and many concept motorcycles which would soon form the foundation of production machine that the company will offer in a few year. But one concept that got special attention at display was the company’s new Motobot, a robot that can ride a motorcycle.

Yamaha Motobot Concept For the Tokyo Motor Show

The Motobot is a humanoid robot that is capable of riding a motorcycle pretty decently. While the prefix “Ver.1” on the Motobot means that it would not be participating in any racing events just yet, it is quite astounding to see a synthetic lifeform take over two wheels and ride it around with quite decent accuracy. For this, the Motobot has full manual control over the throttle, brake lever, clutch lever and transmission and can ride any unmodified motorcycle, currently fitted with training wheels (cause of course, the Motobot prototype would be way more expensive to crash than the motorcycle itself).

In the video, Motobot’s future aim is to catch up with the league of professional racers like Valentino Rossi and eventually surpass them. While that is a pretty novel (and scary idea), we can rest assured that it is quite sometime before we see that happen. So those expecting to see a new RoboGP category might just have to wait a couple of years at the least.


Watch the Yamaha Motobot in action:

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