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September 21st, 2015

The YoYo mats do not come with the inherent problem with mats is that they are clumsy to fold, frustrating to roll up, and does not take any time at all for them to get all messy and half rolled once placed in a moving area. So every time that the yoga mat is in use, there are quite a bit of hurdles in keeping things neat and tidy. The YoYo Mat takes care of this very inherent design weakness.

Folded YoYo Yoga Mat

The inventor of the YoYo Mat, Aaron Thornton, a fitness and yoga enthusiast along with his team set out to find a solution to the yoga mat problem, an elegant way to store it without the need of straps or bags. The inspiration to make a self-foldable mat came from a simple strap-on wristband. After many trials and errors, the team finally came up with a sustainable design prototype… a working model of the self-rolling yoga mat. The result … it simply works.

YoYo Mats Flat Colours

The designed matt not only self-rolls but also stays completely flat when it is in use. When you are done with it, just flip it over and it will simply roll up. The mat also features and custom-designed anti-slip surface that helps with the grip even if the mat is wet.

YoYo Mats Blue Material Texture

The current status of YoYo Mats after completing their Kickstarter funding goal is placing the order with their manufacturer and are expected to start shipping the mats by November 2015.

More Info and Preorder

Hit the link below to see how the YoYo Mats actually work:

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